Valgorect Treatment

Hallux valgus, also known as bunions, is a condition, more common in women. The disease is known for a long time and 70% of the patients have family history. Hallux valgus symptoms include difficulty with shoe wear due to distortion of the knuckle of big toes, and pain over prominence at the joint. The goal of bunions treatment is to restore a resilient, pain-free foot with a normal shape.

Treatment could be nonoperative and operative – for more severe cases. Nonoperative methods of treatment include special shoe pads, silicone protectors, appropriate therapy, gels and creams. Valgorect treatment belongs to non operative healing methods. The cure should be applied twice a day over the joints of the big toes. The substance should be massaged gently into the skin until its full absorption.

Valgorect active ingredients:

Symphytum officinale – relieves pain and inflammation, and regenerates damaged cells.

Cynodon dactylon – improves circulation in the bunion region, removes excess salts, stops joint deformation and stimulates tissue healing.

Taraxacum officinale – relieves inflammation in joints and cartilaginous tissues of foot, prevents callusing, and softens bony growths.

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